TFA AirCO2ntrol LIFE CO2 Monitor

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TFA AirCO2ntrol LIFE CO2 Monitor

Headaches, dizziness and permanent fatigue are often due to a high concentration of CO2 in the air. TFA's AIRCO2NTROL LIFE CO2 monitor helps you monitor how stale and contaminated the air is in indoor spaces where many people are present such as in schools, offices and public buildings. Timely and energy-efficient ventilation ensures a healthy indoor climate.

The monitor shows the CO2 content of the room air on an easy-to-read display. A coloured traffic light indicator below the display changes from green to yellow to red depending on the air quality.

Useful tool to monitor the risk of infection from air born droplet viruses.

In addition, you are informed about temperature and humidity. It is possible to set an alarm.

More information here.

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