AZ Wall Mount CO2 & Temperature Monitor with Alarm Relay

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AZ Wall Mount CO2 & Temperature Monitor with Alarm Relay

The 7721 AZ Wall Mount CO2 monitor measures the indoor air quality (IAQ) index, including the CO2 concentration, CO2 level and air temperature. The Carbon Dioxide value will output to a PC for on-line analysis via USB interface. And it can be calibrated easily in the fresh air.

Poor indoor air quaintly is considered unhealthy because it causes tiredness, loss of ability to concentrate, and even illness (ex: sick building syndrome). IAQ monitoring and survey, especially on CO2 level and air ventilation become widely applied in public areas such as office, classroom, factory, hospital, work space, residential, commercial building and hotels. It is also suggested in regulations of industrial hygiene in some countries.

The 7721 AZ CO2 device has the relay function, which transfers the signal to control other equipment, such as a fan. The 7721 AZ CO2 meter has the stable NDIR CO2 sensor, and it is the ideal instrument for IAQ diagnosis. Its big LCD could be the best CO2 Monitor for long term monitoring. User could use the relay function to control or transfer the data to the following related instruments. And the built-in alarm output is especially helpful in ventilation control and HVAC system performance verification. More information can be found here.

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